Our understanding of the effects of greenhouse gas emissions on our climate has advanced significantly in recent years. Scientific analysis shows the direct link between increased levels of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere and a general warming in temperatures in recent decades, a trend that is forecast to continue.

The use of hydrocarbons in energy production and transportation creates carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, which contributes significantly to global emissions.

The process of producing oil and gas also results in emissions, for example, drilling operations and gas flaring.

Tackling climate change requires collaboration between politicians, businesses and individuals. It needs innovation, technology and a determination to find the solutions that will help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re in the business of exploring for and producing hydrocarbons – that’s not likely to change. But what we can change is how we do things, finding new ways to reduce emissions created by our activities.

For Dana, the starting point is to understand the level of emissions our operations are creating. This baseline, for the first time, was completed in 2012.