We want to be a leading international oil and gas company operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa – that’s our ambition.

But being a ‘leading company’ is about much more than hitting our financial targets.

It’s about understanding how our activities affect the environment and society and running our operations in a way that helps make a positive contribution.

That doesn’t mean just sponsoring a few initiatives to compensate for the impact we’re having – that’s not sustainable.

It means working with our business partners, governments and people in the communities where we operate to understand how we can minimise the impact of our activities and make a real difference.

It means translating our values from words on a page, into core beliefs and actions that help us make the best decisions for the long term.

It means understanding the risks affecting the business – financial and non-financial – and doing everything we can to manage them in a proactive and balanced way.

It means taking responsibility and creating mutual advantage.