The diversity of our operations means we can’t possibly do everything ourselves, so the strength, quality and integrity of our supply chain is critical to our success.

Every year we deal with a range of suppliers on a range of things from large-scale offshore equipment, to 3D seismic surveys to office stationery. The risks associated with procuring the goods and services we need are diverse and vary depending on where they’re sourced.

We want to make sure we get the best quality and value for money throughout our supply chain, working with companies that understand and share Dana’s values and responsible approach to business.

We’re currently finalising our procurement and supply chain policy and strategy but in essence our goal is to “ensure we achieve best value, conduct our business with honesty and integrity and are recognised as being firm but fair by our suppliers and contractors.” This goal is underpinned by our strategy which outlines the specific approaches we’re taking to provide the most efficient, effective and cost-conscious supply service.

We intend to:

  • carry out our business in the safest possible manner, with no risk to health or the environment
  • develop long term, mutually beneficial, open and honest, sustainable relationships with our suppliers
  • continuously strive for improvements in how we do business; always looking for how to ‘do it best’
  • carry out our business ethically and transparently
  • be the “purchaser of choice” with our suppliers
  • be the most efficient and effective supply network, working with the best suppliers to give the best performing yet most cost effective service.


In order to achieve this we have to:

  • use a risk-based approach to manage Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Competence
  • be flexible in our contracting strategies, ensuring best fit for each commodity or service
  • establish long term frame agreements where appropriate
  • competitively tender for goods and services where possible
  • communicate openly, honestly and effectively
  • adopt and embrace industry standards and initiatives, standardising our approach where possible
  • use First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL) for two way feedback, and use this feedback to drive improvement
  • continually strive to achieve best practice
  • tailor our procedures so they’re fit for purpose, and adhere to them in order that we’re compliant to their requirements
  • ensure we have fully competent, well trained and motivated people
  • use technology appropriately, not for technology’s sake
  • pay our suppliers within terms.


If you’re interested in doing business with Dana, and would like more information on how to become a supplier please view Doing business with Dana or contact