Triton FPSO


Dana had been a non-operated partner in the Bittern field since 2010, holding a 4.73% stake in the field until the acquisition of Hess’ 28.3% share in February this year. As one of the majority stakeholders in Bittern, Dana noted interest in taking over operatorship of the Triton FPSO and officially became operator on Monday 1 October 2012.

The Triton FPSO is located in block 21/30 approximately 120 miles east of Aberdeen, and produces oil and gas from the Bittern, Clapham, Pict, Saxon, Guillemot West and North West fields.

Triton is our first major operated asset in the UK, it consolidates our strong position in the Central North Sea and is a core part of our strategy to acquire more operated positions where there is a strong commercial and operational rationale to do so.

The synergies realised from Dana’s operatorship of both the Greater Guillemot Area subsea facilities and the Triton FPSO will help maximise value from our interests in the area.

Joint venture partners in the Triton FPSO area are: Dana (52%), Tailwind Mistral (46%) and Waldorf Production Limited (2%).

Fast facts

  • Triton FPSO producing oil and gas from the Bittern, Guillemot West & North West fields Clapham and Pict and Saxon fields
  • Location UK Central North Sea, Block 21/30, approximately 193km (120 miles) east of Aberdeen
  • Integrated teams are led as follows:
    • FPSO – Dana (duty holder)
    • Bittern – Dana (operator)
    • Guillemot W & NW – Dana Petroleum
  • Clapham, Pict and Saxon fields developed as subsea tie-backs to the Triton FPSO by operator Dana Petroleum
  • Fields tied back to FPSO via subsea facilities comprising a series of pipelines and manifolds:
    • Bittern 20kms from FPSO
    • Guillemot West 12kms from FPSO
    • Gannet E 3.5kms from FPSO
  • Export Oil via shuttle tanker
  • Gas via Fulmar gas line to St Fergus
  • Drilling carried out by mobile drilling units over the respective fields.
  • Owners:- 
    • Dana Petroleum
    • Tailwind Mistral
    • Waldorf Production Limited
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An overview of Triton FPSO