The Hanze field lies offshore in block F2a in the Dutch sector of the North Sea, approx. 200 km North of Den Helder. The Hanze field, which has been developed with a steel Gravity Base Structure (GBS) with an integrated production deck and is currently producing from five wells and has one water injection well. Oil is stored in the GBS and exported via a direct offloading system installed on the platform. 

The wet gas is dried, compressed to the required pressure, metered and exported via a 4 inch gas line tied into the 20 inch gas pipeline routed from the A6-A platform to the F3-FB platform. From F3-FB the gas is routed to shore via the NOGAT pipeline.

Fast facts

  • Located in Dutch North Sea in Block F2a, approx. 200 km North of Den Helder
  • Water depth approx. 43 m LAT
  • Average crew = 16 persons, max capacity = 40 persons
  • Helicopter flight time from Den Helder is around 60 minutes
  • Vessel sailing time is around 14 hours from Den Helder
  • Nearest installation is F3-FB (operated by ENI), distance = 13 km