Internet Fraud

Dana wishes to warn people against actions by unscrupulous individuals who may attempt to distribute fictitious commercial proposals via websites, e-mail and social media purportedly on behalf of Dana Petroleum.

This kind of fraud can involve - but is not limited to - false investment opportunities and the offer of money, gifts or prizes in exchange for some kind of co-operation from the victim. There are many variations of potentially fraudulent activities but they will typically aim to persuade the victim to transfer money to the fraudster, typically via a money transfer service or send personal information such as copies of your passport or bank account details.

Please be aware that Dana only sends business e-mails via corporate mail servers and never uses free e-mail services. We never conduct business deals via social media such as Linkedin.

If you come across this kind of activity please report to

Scam calls

Dana has been made aware of scam calls being made where previous shareholders of Dana are being called and informed that they are entitled to payment in respect of bonus shares they hold as a result of a hostile takeover of Dana.  Further personal information in the form of email address and bank details are then requested by the caller.  Please note that these calls are not from any representative of Dana and should be treated with extreme caution. Dana ceased to be a listed company in 2010 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Korea National Oil Corporation.