P11-B-De Ruyter



The De Ruyter field lies offshore in blocks P10 and P11b, approx. 60 km Northwest of The Hague. The De Ruyter facility, which has been developed with a steel Gravity Base Structure (GBS) with an integrated production deck is currently producing from three oil wells and one gas well. Oil is stored in the GBS and exported via a TMLS (Tanker Mooring and Loading System) to a shuttle tanker. 

Gas was previously exported via the Wintershall operated P12-SW and P6-A platforms 
before onwards export to shore via the NGT pipeline system. In 2019 the pipeline was re-routed via the Taqa operated P15-D platform to shore at the Maasvlakte. 

There are two subsea fields, Van Nes and Van Ghent, that form the Medway subsea development. In 2020 the Unity platform was installed and tied back to De Ruyter. The three fields are referred to as the De Ruyter development area.

In this Joint Venture we work together with EBN (Energie Beheer Nederland).


Fast facts

  • Located in block P11-B, approx. 60 km Northwest of The Hague
  • Water depth = 33.5 meter LAT
  • Average crew = 16 persons, max. capacity = 40 persons
  • Helicopter flight time from Den Helder = approx. 35 minutes
  • Vessel sailing time = approx. 8 hours from Den Helder
  • Nearest installation is P15 (operated by Taqa), distance = 35 km


Subsea interfaces
De Ruyter facility